Ready Ron Denies DMX’s Claims He Exposed Rapper To Drugs

Last year, DMX told Talib Kweli he’d never tried drugs until Ron allegedly secretly laced a blunt with crack cocaine when he was 14

He claims his mentor, Ready Ron, laced his blunt with crack without his knowledge, creating the habit X battled his entire life.

Ready Ron didn’t speak about the allegation immediately after X’s interview circulated last November, but he’s defending himself now. In a video recently shared on social media, Ron refuted DMX’s story.

DMX, Ready Ron, Drug AbuseFrank Micelotta / Staff / Getty Images

“How was I thirty-years-old in 1985 and he was 14,” said Ron. “And him and I  are only three years apart. You gotta remember, just because somebody is world-famous doesn’t mean they’re always honest. And I’ve got nothing bad to say about him but you gotta stop lying on me.” He reportedly told The Neighborhood Talk that he’s “been receiving hate mail” due to the allegations.

“We were kids and we were getting high back then, I wasn’t the one to expose him to crack,” he added. Ron also shared that he was asked to appear on BET’s Ruff Ryders Chronicles documentary but claims his portions didn’t make it to air. After his video began to circulate, DMX‘s fans have come forward to criticize Ron for his timing. Watch Ready Ron’s video and read through a few reactions below.