Loni Love Says She ‘Forgot’ Her Man Was White When They First Had Sex

Apparently, there are other times James Welsh’s race slips her mind.

Written by BET Staff

Loni Love’s relationship with James Welsh has been the subject of a lot of conversation on The Real. But on Monday (March 23), Loni appeared on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast and the chatter about her love life took a more explicit turn. The talk show host and comedian revealed to Yee that she often forgets her partner is white — especially when they’re in bed.

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“When we first started dating, I remember one of the first times we started having sex, we did it from the back, right? And I forgot he was white,” Loni, 48, said of her man, who is 55. “And I looked back, I said ‘Who is this f***ing white man?!’ I actually forget! Seriously!”

Doing the deed isn’t the only time Loni forgets she’s in an interracial relationship. “We’re out sometimes, say we get separated, Alex my assistant, he knows,” she continued. “James will wave and smile and I’m like ‘Who is that white man? Oh, that’s James!”

Loni and Welsh, an actor, went public with their relationship in November 2018.

Watch the full conversation, below:

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