New Artist – Shanell McCoy is one of the Hottest new Talent to come out of the Twin Cities – Possible Queen of Twin Cities Hip-Hop/Soul

Shane McCoy introduces everyone to the new hit song “Let’s Get itft. Qadiym

With all that is going on in the Twin Cities, it’s good to hear a song that represents love and building a positive relationship together. The video represents a positive family having fun with one another. In today’s society more than often you seldom see this . You see families going through negative and tragic situations. So many videos with broken family structures with shooting, drug dealing, fighting and grieving the death of a family member. Not this video!! Shanell McCoy is introducing us to a video that shows the joy of a black family, loving one another.

Family love is what everyone needs and Shanell’s video represents just this.

Check out Shanell McCoy Ft. Qadiym Video:

With this positive mindset as an upcoming artist, the sky is the limit for Shanell McCoy. In the near future, Shanell McCoy will be someone your listening too on your favorite radio station on a daily basis. We look for her to be in the running for new Queen of Twin Cities Hip-Hop/Soul. I said it, and stand on it!! Just as the title of Shanell’s recent song is called “Let’s Get It”, she will be doing just that in the music industry for years to come.