Stop the madness of mixing and matching hair products and snag your whole hair care routine in one bundle! We are the complete Avocado & Argan Oil collection in full sizes, and we’re here to elevate your look with the power of nourishing hydration. Our blend of coconut oil, avocado oil, and argan oil work to protect hair color, infuse moisture and offer excellent hold. Cleanse, condition, moisturize, style, and set every beautiful look with our luxurious, potent ingredients. 

You’ll even score a discount with this special offer, plus free shipping on orders above $49! 


1 Avocado & Argan Shampoo

1 Avocado & Argan Conditioner

1 Avocado & Argan Leave-In

1 Avocado & Argan Styling Cream (2018 ESSENCE Best in Black Beauty)

1 Avocado & Argan Style Gel

1 Avocado & Argan Hair Oil

1 Avocado & Argan Daily Moisturizer 

  • Loaded with avocado oil, argan oil, coconut oil and essential oils
  • Leaves hair softer, more manageable, and radiant
  • Use together for best result.

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