Future Breaks Down His Issues With Ciara, Russell Wilson & Wendy Williams

(AllHipHop News) Future is back today with another studio album. TheWIZRD arrived overnight and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter. However, the Atlanta rapper is also making news for his comments about a few other celebs.

During his own FREEBANDZ RADIO Presents: THE WIZRD Beats 1 show on Apple Music, Future shared his thoughts on his ex-girlfriend Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson. The “Crushed Up” performer stated, “He do exactly what she tell him to do… He not being a man in that position.”

Future continued, “He’s not telling her, ‘Chill out with that on the internet. Don’t even talk to him. I’m your husband. You better not even bring Future’s name up.’ If that was me, she couldn’t even bring his name up. She know that. She couldn’t even bring her ex’s name up. I don’t care what they gave you. You don’t bring their name up in interviews. Don’t even do nothing around them, don’t say nothing. Don’t give that sh*t no energy.”

He also slammed Ciara for having their son, Future, around Wilson too early in the couple’s relationship without talking to him about it. Future said, “Then when y’all get married, she was like, ‘I want you to meet Russell now.’ Y’all already done did all the damage. I don’t want to me him now. You supposed to done met him before you brought the kid around him.”

FREEBANDZ RADIO also featured Future addressing his issues with television show host Wendy Williams. The famous gossiper caught his attention when Williams did a segment on her show about the five women that have children by Future.

“The Wendy Williams situation – the only thing I was mad about her, putting my kid’s mother up that don’t want to be in the limelight,” explained Future. “They’re not entertainers. Only time people know them is from me. If you see them responding, it’s because they want to respond. You can put her up. You can put them up.”

He added, “But don’t put the ones who ain’t responding. It’s two girls you’re putting on that list that don’t even never do social media. So they’re devastated. You don’t even know what you did to these people. Now you got these people insane. They might have to go to a psychiatrist because you put their face out there.”

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