Nicki Minaj gives out ‘Cock Sucka of the Day’ Award

Nicki Minaj is continuing the Queen Radio shenanigans and doling out another “Cock Sucka of the Day” award.

This time, the honor goes to Irving Azoff — former CEO of Ticketmaster Entertainment and Travis Scott’s co-manager. During Thursday’s episode (August 23), Nicki blasted Azoff for allegedly launching a “smear campaign” against her and the NICKIHNDRXX Tour.

“There are so many powerful people in this industry that have tried to keep me from speaking up and this Irving man who works over at Ticketmaster allegedly launched a smear campaign. One thing I won’t do is let anyone sit around and bully me into a corner. Now, I know you have power and you have money — you have all those things — but I have loyalty and I have integrity. And I have two things that a lot of you will never have — balls. B-A-L-L-S.

“Allegedly, these people — he manages Travis Scott — tried to put a smear campaign against my tour. He allegedly contacted people in the media to say negative things about my tour. May god be with you Irving. May god be with you.”

She adds, “It’s disgusting.”

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